Take the first step

Enrolling in Medical Weight Loss is easy. Complete the enrollment form to get started.

If you have general questions about Medical Weight Loss or your health plan benefits:

  • If you’re eligible for UnitedHealth Group benefits, call Health Care Advisor at 800-357-1371.
  • If you’re eligible for OptumCare benefits, call Benefits Advocate at 844-585-1466 for UHC benefit plans or Surest Flex Copay Plan call 855-472-7778.
  • If you’re eligible for Optum Select benefits, call Benefits Advocate at 844-222-6320 for UHC benefit plans or Optum Select Surest Plan call 855-472-7778.

If you completed the enrollment form and have questions about the status of your enrollment in the Medical Weight Loss program, call 888-588-6884.

Once you’ve registered for the patient portal and would like to contact your MWL care team with questions, please do so via your patient portal. You can expect a response from your care team within three business days.

When to contact your care team

Your Medical Weight Loss team is there to help you along every step of your weight-loss journey. No matter how it goes. There are times when you should contact your team to make sure you are on the right track. They include any time:

  • You have questions or concerns about your medications.
  • There are major changes in your health or life.
  • You are struggling with something and would like help.
  • You need help with any emotional health concerns.